Trail Conditions

January 19, 2018

Grooming began on December 1st. The plan for right now is to continue to groom twice a week, Thursday/Friday evening & Saturday/Sunday evening. The conditions are good. We depend on trail fees to allow for our grooming schedule to continue. Please be sure if you are not a member or if someone in your group does not hold a membership that the mandatory fee of $20 is being paid.

Forster Creek Riding Area Brochure

Recent News

Effective next Sat Jan 20th. All vehicles must park along the end of the road way (34km) leading out Mon-Fri. Do not park in the turn around area!! Sat and Sun all vehicles must park in the parking lot at the 27km. There is no flexibility and anyone that choses to ignore the signs will be fined $86 by the Forestry if they are patrolling in the area.They will be conducting regular patrols looking for violators. They will also be on the trail as in the pastmonitoring access to Catamount until Feb 14. I will have all appropriate signage made this week and bring up and post for clarity. Please make special note that Canfor is a 100% supporter of WVSS and was very valuable in our negotiations with the Ministry. This is strictly a Forestry Act Implementation being applied as the road is being maintained. We need to insure compliance is followed by all users.r your text here.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

2017/2018 Snowmobile Season

Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. The are held at Kanata Invermere(formerly Super 8) 8888 Arrow Road, at 7pm. Everyone is welcome and we value your input